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Technical Deliverance: Meshuggah, Cynic, and the Faceless at the Recher Theatre, Friday, Feb. 20

February 24, 2009

Last Friday, Baltimore metal fans swelled within the sold-out Meshuggah show at Towson’s Recher Theatre to partake in a wide range of experimental metal, while a line of chilly hopefuls hugged the exterior of the building. Long waits and tight security checks aside, the night was worth the discomfort as each band provided a...
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This Carcass Doesn’t Rot

September 26, 2008

Earlier this month, Baltimore got a rare mix of brutality as the Exhumed to Consume tour, honoring the much welcomed reunion of grind patriarch Carcass, made one of its few U.S. stops at Sonar. Seven bands gave fans the opportunity to experience the best and most intricate form of extreme metal, namely grindcore. The...
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