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Matic Remixes Brenmar and Sasha Go Hard’s ‘Super Fly’

June 2, 2014

HETREMIXES1Earlier this year, Brenmar, who has always had his ear open to Bmore club (he was an early, outside-the-city proponent of Mighty Mark and TT the Artist) teamed up with Matic808, best known for Yeezus: The Baltimore Club Edition, on a shapeshifting refix of the-Dream’s “High Art.”

And now, Brenmar has reached out to Matic once again to remix “Super Fly,” a track from the Chicago producer’s February EP, High End Times Vol. 1. The original was a slinking party rap track featuring Chicago rapper Sasha Go Hard, but here, Matic cuts up Sasha’s hook and ping-pongs pieces of it around shuffling drums, eerie synthesizer, and hypnotic, Blaqstarr-like vocals. And rather than allow the track to explode as you might expect a Baltimore club remix to do, “Super Fly (Matic808 Remix)” builds and builds only to fall back down, swirling around in the kind of spaced-out chaos signature to Matic’s sound.

“Superfly (Matic808 Remix)” is featured on Brenmar’s High End Times Vol. 1: The Remixes, along with remixes from Jersey clubbers Big-O and Tiga, painkillers-friendly hip-hop producer Suicideyear, futuristic EDM-er Falcons, and more (tracklist below), out for free download tomorrow.

1. “Medusa” feat. Rush Davis (Falcons Remix)

2. “Super Fly” feat. Sasha Go Hard (Matic808 Remix)

3. “Hey Ladies” feat. Uniiqu3 (Neana Remix)

4. “Payroll” feat. Calore (Byrell the Great Remix)

5. “Medusa” feat. Rush Davis (DJ Tiga Remix)

6. “Payroll” feat. Calore (Illuminati AMS Remix)

7. “Medusa” feat. Rush Davis (DJ Big O Remix)

8. Super Fly feat. Sasha Go Hard (Suicideyear Remix)