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Darkroom Productions Drops new Firearmz Video

May 13, 2014

firearmzWest Baltimore rapper Firearmz aka Willy Murch collaborated with Darkroom Productions on his new single “Firearmz Is The Illest.”

Firearmz is working on a new EP titled Razor on a Plate with Darkroom, who are known for the seminal mixtapes Hamsterdam volumes one and two and producing music for The Wire. As an important anniversary of the Hamsterdam releases approaches next year, producer and Darkroom co-founder Juan Donovan hinted at a new release.

“The immediate future for [Darkroom] is the push of our own artists,” Donovan said during a phone interview with City Paper. “We pushed the city with Hamsterdam. As to a third one? Well we talked about it over the years but never really had the urge. However, next year will be the 10 year anniversary of the first one and to be honest, we are kinda getting that itch. A decade is a long time in the music business, so to know that people still reach out and inquire about another album is very humbling.”