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Wye Oak debuts a new music video for “The Tower.”

April 2, 2014

The folks over at Stereogum have the premiere of Wye Oak’s new video for “The Tower,” the lead single off their forthcoming album Shriek, due out April 29 on Merge. In the video, locals Ben O’Brien and Cricket Arrison star as a high-stepping, happy-go-lucky pair of painters who lead a group dance with a bunch of construction workers and mechanic-type people — the very type of people, as you may recall, were sought back in February as part of a casting call. Check the video out below.


  • Sean Tully

    The music is good. The video is trying too hard. It is not ironic, it is not funny, it is not too be taken seriously, obviously. Whatever, the song is good and that’s what counts in the end. p.s. If I were your manager I’d have you change the name of your band. Wye Oak. It just doesn’t sound hip. How about The Y’s, The Oaks, etc., etc.