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Ogun Pushes The Button To Launch A New All-Star Mixtape Series

April 10, 2014

Ogun_Heavy_Gold_Starrz_Los_Caddy_Da_Don_Cory-front-largeIn February, 5 Seasons held an event billed as a “Rap Retirement and Birthday Party” in honor of Baltimore hip-hop veteran Ogun. And while it appears that the days of Ogun solo releases are indeed over, he continues to make his presence felt in the local music community. Just a couple months later, he’s released #Letspushthebutton, a mixtape featuring a veritable who’s who of Baltimore MCs, with Ogun himself only rapping once, on the collaboration “No Pen, No Hook” with Stop Sign Slim and Skarr Akbar.

#Letspushthebutton focuses largely on the older generation of Baltimore rappers, many of whom have been crewing with Ogun’s Gritty Gang collective for years. And often, the artists who are closer to the current pulse of the scene, like King Los or Starrz, are represented with tracks that appeared on their own most recent solo releases. The quality varies wildly from track to track—SoSyncere’s “MBCC” sounds like a potential hit and “Sinner” by Sonny Reddz is a compelling, introspective cut, but many more songs quickly fade into the background. “Matter of Time” by Bigg Cali is featured in only a 30-second snippet that passes by so quickly that its inclusion at all seems pointless.

#Letspushthebutton may be a bit scattershot, but no more so than The Movement mixtapes that Ogun was assembling a decade ago. Those discs, however, were an exciting and novel way to tap into Baltimore hip hop at the time. Today, in a far more sophisticated and competitive mixtape market, the package feels a little quaint and outdated (as do, frankly, some of the songs, which sound like they’re stuck in circa 2002 mainstream rap). Download #Letspushthebutton on or

  • Hunit Stackz

    it’s no way you actually listened to that mixtape and came up with this review.