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Vacant View: New Documentary to detail city’s problem with vacants

February 5, 2014

vacantviewFilmmakers Tarek Turkey and Julia Pitch are deep into Baltimore’s vacant housing problem. When we wrote about Wallhunters: The Slumlord Project, filmmakers Turkey and Pitch were always around, talking to street artists, activists, and residents.

Turkey says he got interested in the issue when he was a senior in high school and started filming the street artist Nether. “It was my second year being in the States and I was very interested in the street art scene in Baltimore,” he says. “Especially [since] I came from cities like Baghdad and Damascus where there was not street art.”

Turkey met Pitch in a documentary project at MICA and they began to work together on the project. “To say that  I initially got into this project because I am an artist and I am interested in how street art can change a landscape of a city and community, seems so irrelevant to why I am doing the project now,” Pitch says. “Because when Tarek and I started investigating the city- interviewing officials, community members and artists, I realized how warm the people in this city were, despite the misconceptions about crime and neglect. We started following Nether around and he took us to the neighborhoods with the the highest vacancy rates. I was surprised by all of the positive interactions I had with the people I met there, and even though I’m not from here, I started to feel a part of this cool city.”

The duo just dropped the trailer for the movie, called Vacant View, which they hope will be released this summer.