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Video: Ellis leads Styles P. to Baltimore for “Misled”

November 21, 2013

BMC-the-leader-600x399Independent Baltimore rappers frequently spend the cash or flex their industry connections to make songs with out-of-town stars, but rarely does the result feel like a true collaboration between similarly minded MCs. Local fixture Ellis, however, linked up with Styles P. for his new single, ”Misled,” and brought the New York veteran to Baltimore for a thoughtful song and video that shows the common ground between their respective musical styles and backgrounds.

Styles P.’s run of guest verses includes some of the flashiest rap anthems of all time, from Puff Daddy’s “It’s All About The Benjamins” to Rick Ross’s “BMF,” but “Misled” is more in line with the wizened grit of the LOX rapper’s solo albums. The video begins with a montage of reports on Baltimore murders by local NBC affiliate WBAL, but the song’s lyrics touch on everything from race and gender relations to Ellis’s experiences going to college in West Virginia. Meanwhile, Ellis’s longtime producer Legin anchors the track with a sample of erstwhile Baltimore resident Tupac Shakur. “Misled” will appear on Ellis’s new album, The Education of Ellis, due out on December 21st.