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J. Roddy Walston and the Business rock Letterman

November 19, 2013

Photo by J.M. Giordano

Baltimore’s favorite badass long-haired rockers will appear on the David Letterman show this *Thursday, according to the band’s Facebook page. The boys in the Business must be getting pretty used to the teevee, as HBO’s bad-boy ballplayer Kenny Powers’ rocked out to one of their songs on the show’s finale last Sunday.

Essential Tremors, released last September on ATO, has helped the band, now split between Baltimore, Richmond, and New York, reach a much broader audience. At their Baltimore show just after the record’s release, Rams Head was filled with the white-hat wearing college students who may have shunned them a few years back. But that doesn’t mean J. Roddy and the Business have changed their approach. Essential Tremors contains their best material yet. “The stories are the weirdest, the songs are the catchiest,”  Walston told us in September. “The hard ones are the hardest we’ve ever done, where the soft ones are the softest.”

And their last local gig at Rams Head was every bit as raucous as their shows have ever been. At one point, J. Roddy did a stage dive, was passed around the crowd, and when they pushed him back up on the stage, it seemed as if he magically landed on his piano bench and immediately started pounding away as guitarist Billy Gordon jumped up on the risers for some hair-slinging guitar heroics.

These guys have been road dogs for years and they deserve all the success they can get. Besides, we haven’t had much reason to watch Letterman since Warren Zevon died.

*This post initially reflected the original schedule which had the band playing Friday.