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Erotic Art Show at Gallery 788

November 8, 2013

Caps_1“We’re the only gallery in Baltimore with a glory hole,” said Eduardo Rodriguez at the opening of Gallery 788’s fifth annual Erotic Art show, and the first in its new Hampden location. They actually didn’t have a glory hole, but they did have a spanking station and a stripper pole (both of which, being thorough journalists, we tried out). And even more importantly, they had a line outside that stretched around the block. And that is something I have never seen at an art gallery.

The gallery charges artists to show, but judging from the hundreds of works on the wall, many artists had no problem with that. Of course, on the viewer’s end, that means the quality is wildly inconsistent. The art  ranged from photographs to paintings and even a couple of sculptures (Pictured: “Natty Whoa,” by CP contributor Jim Burger). But, Gallery 788 took the rule of most openings–they are really more about the party than the art–and made it explicit, so to speak.

The front room shenanigans seemed designed for the average vanilla art-viewer to get a taste of kink. But there was a darkened back room that was actually pretty kinky with needles and serious spankings. It would be worth stopping by to spend a bit more time with the work in the cold light of day, but the party was a Warholian work of art in its own right.

Click here to see our NSFW photos of the festivities by Patrick Pilkey, part 2 of the gallery here, and the finale here.