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After outcry, Geico edits ridiculous video about Baltimore music scene

November 21, 2013

dumb-300x167When we first noticed that the insurance company Geico was trying to use “indie” bands to give themselves credibility, we balked. Geico’s Indie Across America campaign seemed like a bad idea in general. But even worse, they were using a mediocre D.C. band to promote Baltimore. We tried to warn that band, Shark Week, that signing with Geico would hurt their credibility (actually, I think we said it should destroy it). But, the younger generations seem to be lacking the Gen-X allergy to “selling out.”

Still, even though we knew it would be bad, we had no idea how bad it would really be. Dave Holmes, the washed-up VJ Geico corralled into hosting the thing said, “Baltimore, beautiful city, little bit of a lack of an identity though, especially when it is so close to Washington, D.C.. It has a bit of a tendency to get overshadowed. And bands from [Baltimore] have a tendency to move [to D.C.]. Because there is kind of a scene in D.C. which Baltimore has tended to lack.”

He also said: “Here’s the thing, I looked into Baltimore and I couldn’t find out a whole lot about its music scene.”

After taking a beating both from us and from WTMD’s Sam Sessa, among others, Geico edited out both of those statements and Holmes now mentions Animal Collective. They added this statement: “The original version of this episode has been modified based on valuable audience feedback. Thank you for watching Indie Across America!”

You’re welcome Geico. Now, perhaps, you might abandon your entire silly project and stick to lizards and cavemen.

  • Baynard Woods KNOWS music

    “But, the younger generations seem to be lacking the Gen-X allergy to “selling out.””"

    Time to get younger and less jaded writers at Shitty Paper, y’all…perhaps some who aren’t busy being jealous about a failed music career and who would rather just critique music maybe?

    times have never been more lame. and this the 3rd click bait article about this bullshit that Baynard has posted.

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  • rofflesburger

    City Paper hasn’t exactly been killing it with the local coverage this year. Several local album releases completely ignored, maybe one feature profile a month. Never understood the point of live reviews of national touring acts either (if you didn’t go the actual show, it’s another two years until the act will come around again anyway).