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Wendel Patrick on 40 years of hip hop

October 25, 2013

1374322_10151977715202265_1888709162_nWendel Patrick has brought together many of the city’s best musicians and MCs, including Eze Jackson, John Dierker, Jon Lipscomb, and Kane Mayfield, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of hip hop at the Windup Space tonight by creating live versions of hip hop classics. We called Patrick to ask how this project came about. (Baynard Woods)

City Paper: Tell me about 40 Years of Hip Hop?

Wendel Patrick: Well, it is the Wendel Patrick Orchestra, which is usually a four piece, with Job Lipscomb on guitar, Brian Brunsman on upright bass, and Bryant Wilson on drums, but we’re adding a horn section with John Dierker, Tiffany DeFoe, Scott Paddock and Ruby Fulton on the flugelhorn. And also Liz Meredith on strings and Ruby [Fulton] also on violin. And we’re basically doing live versions of classic sample-based hip-hop songs that had samples of horns and strings in them. So everything from Public Enemy to Cypress Hill to Big Daddy Kane, Digable Planets. Some stuff from Wild Style, the movie.

CP: What about the MCs?

WP:  Eze Jackson, Kane Mayfield, Saleem, Femi the Drifish, J. Pope, Topix, Tislam, and Black Root are all doing different versions of different classic MCs.

CP: That’s crazy. How did this come about?

WP: It’s something that Bobby from the Windup Space first thought of in the spring and we’ve been talking about it since then, about different shows we can do. There’s a number of tracks  that use similar samples that people aren’t perhaps aware of and we’re linking them together musically. We thought it would be really cool to do many songs that have traditional samples in them but then stuff that people haven’t really heard done live. We actually realized it was the 40th year after we started planning it and it seemed like a good idea to tie it all together.

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