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Roomrunner nabs Baywatch babes, Billy Mays (not really) for awesome new video

October 11, 2013

rmrRoomrunner was already our favorite band. And now that we’ve seen the amazing video for “Wojtek,” they’re our even more favorite band.

First off, it’s a typically awesome, noisy, catchy, thrashy tune, and it backs a collage of late-night TV tropes, from Baywatch to QVC, and way, way beyond. NPR interviewed the video’s director, Pete Binswanger, who offered the following list of references. :

Evil Dead, Susperia, QVC, Billy Mays for OxyClean, Baywatch, Sex Ed Tapes, LaserDisc intros, Mega Man II, Mission Impossible 2, Thunderball, Enter the Dragon, The Washington Capitals, Pet Food Commercials, Graffiti Art, The French Chef with Julia Child, Devo music videos, and Deodorant.

Don’t miss Roomrunner at U+N Fest next weekend.

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