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OG Dutch Master reps #NewBaltimore, has a VEVO

October 22, 2013

OG Dutch Master has quickly risen up the ranks of Baltimore hip-hop throughout 2013, with a busy year that’s included the February release of his debut mixtape Art Of War, an EP called 3.5 Gramz following in April, and #NewBaltimore, the memorable Broom Factory Factory concert he co-organized in June. More recently, that buzz has culminated in the release of another mixtape, Blue Light District, and the rapper’s continued steady stream of YouTube videos. In fact, he might be the only only MC in the city with his own Vevo channel. The latest of those videos is “Dirty Diamonds.”




“Dirty Diamonds,” the opening track on Blue Light District, is only 2 minutes long, but OG Dutch Master fits some of the tape’s most thoughtful lyrics into that track, and matches them with the visuals. Where in previous low budget clips, he mostly played the weed smoking rapper, always taking a drag in between rhymes, the Thraxx-directed “Dirty Diamonds” video is both a more serious and a far more polished affair. He performs the song alternately in the middle of a graveyard, in front of a wall covered in tragic newspaper headlines, chained up like a slave, and with an American flag blindfolding his eyes. It feels auspicious, like he’s ready to do something serious with the attention he’s getting.

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