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Mole Suit Choir at Creative Alliance and curators’ talk and closing of Knowing at 405

September 26, 2013

rupertIf you think you have too much to do tonight, try being Liz Downing. As part of the Mole Suit Choir, one of our favorite new bands, she and Normals Books’ Rupert Wondolowski create the kind of space folk that follows in the tradition of the Holy Modal Rounders, with the kind of surreal, literary lyrics you wouldn’t expect (“The moonclue was found by the campfire spacesuit”). But  if I dare say, the Moles may be even better than the Holy Modals thanks to Downing’s gorgeous voice, which would not be out of place in Guy Maddin’s movie The Saddest Music in the World. Just hear the way she sings the words “porches and rainy days” and you will both laugh and cry.  The Mole Suit Choir just released a record on Ehse (look for a full story soon) and Wondolowski will be hosting Rupert’s Freaky Folk Night at the Creative Alliance tonight.

Downing also created an intricate and eerie soundscape at Area 405′s Knowing, a  “group exhibit of 19 artists [which] explores nakedness lost and nakedness found” and features spectacular pieces by Lania D’Agostino and Laure Drogoul, among others. We really regret that our Best of Baltimore schedule kept us from writing more about some of the amazing pieces at the show. But if you haven’t seen it yet, it closes tonight. The curators will be giving a talk tonight between 7 and 9 P.M.

  • Elizabeth Downing

    Wow! Thanks, Thanks, Thanks Baynard.