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Kane Mayfield creates a musical travelogue for heading to A3C

September 9, 2013

FINAL-FIXED-DRAFT-Kane Mayfield, the New York transplant who’s made himself at home in Baltimore with the Mania Music Group crew, has rhymed in some unusual places lately, like over Thievery Corporation tracks and inside an MRI. His latest offbeat project finds him traveling to an Atlanta hip-hop festival in the highly entertaining 3-part song “A3C.”

Each of the three installments of the song represents one of the three days of the A3C festival, which will be held in the first weekend of October this year. But the tracks are assembled from instrumentals The Alchemist contributed to the 2009 video game Grand Theft Audio: Chinatown Wars, with the beat Mayfield is rapping over changing every 30 seconds or so. The constant musical shifts do a good job of simulating the experience of wandering around a festival, from stage to stage, constantly encountering different people and different music. All the while, the rapper’s wit and personality are put on perhaps more prominent display than they ever have before.