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A389 announces lineup of 2014 anniversary festival

September 27, 2013

integrity a389A389 Record (2013′s “Best Record Label“) is throwing their traditional Anniversary Bash once again this January. For many years it was a single day event at Sonar, but changed in 2013 to a sprawling, multi-day,multi-venue event, which presented some challenges. This year, label-head Dom Romeo has organized a two-day event at Baltimore Soundstage  (Jan. 17-18).

A389’s dedication to bringing the fans one of a kind reunions and rare or unique performances remians consistent. Exclusive area performances from Infest, Haymaker, and All Out War are impressive, but reunions of Bloodlet and the Systems Overload-era Integrity lineup are truly epic.  A389′s local acts like Full of Hell and Noisem make a solid anchor for each evening’s performances.

The label just released the lineup. All shows are all-ages, at Baltimore Soundstage, $30 in advance, $35 at the door.

Friday, January 17 

Infest (Only East Coast Show)

Haymaker (Only East Coast show)

In Cold Blood(Exclusive Appearance)

Full of Hell

Iron Regan

Sex Prisoner

Jarhead Fertilzer


Saturday, Jan. 18

Integrity (Systems Overload Lineup / Exclusive One-Time Reunion)

All Out War (Only east coast show)

Bloodlet (Exclusive One-Time Reunion)

Weekend Nachos


Power Trip

Pick Your Side


Empire of Rats

For more details, check the official announcement here:

[Photo of Integrity, by Josh Sisk]