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89.7 FM WTMD’s 24-hour Rock-N’-Roll-A-Thon

September 26, 2013

1237061_10102113113475508_1726774619_nA full 24 hours of live music–Who said it can’t be done? Well, the folks at 89.7 FM WTMD, said as part of their Grand Opening festivities for their new facility.

After growing out of the cramped and outdated basement on campus, WMTD moved to an 8,000 square foot broadcast facility at the Towson City Center. “The new space is everything we could ever dream up,” says Scott Mullins, the WMTD program director. “Not only do we want people to come see the new facility, but we also want the musicians to come in and experience our facility and we thought this was a great way to do it.”

The new facility includes multiple production studios, rehearsal space, and a live performance studio that’s large enough to accommodate a live studio audience and a full band. “We’re able to provide the opportunity for Baltimore musicians to record and rehearse,” states Mullins.

In addition to a new space, the scope of WMTD’s influence has significantly broadened with the new transmitter and tower that reach down to DC, Frederick, and parts of Pennsylvania. (They also managed to lure Sam Sessa, longtime editor at The Sun and bnthesite, to work as music director.

So what better to do for a new facility than show it off and have 24 bands playing consecutive hours of music? “We wanted something out of the ordinary that we could involve as many Baltimore musicians as possible” says Mullins. The weekly Friday noon concert, called Live Lunch, kicks off the Rock N’ Roll A Thon with the national band Black Joe Lewis & the Honey Bears, and then 23 local Baltimore bands. “One of our main goals is for people to hear these bands. Part of our mission is connecting our audience with the artist. We really believe in Baltimore music and it’s a big part of what we do.”

“Hopefully people will come out and enjoy the novelty of walking in the front door at 3 AM to see a live band,” Mullins says. “It’s a radio broadcast that the audience is being invited to come watch.” So if you’re a fan of rock and roll and have nothing to do at 5 AM (let’s be honest, who sleeps these days?) grab a cup of coffee, and head over to their space anytime between now and noon on Saturday. Or if you’re feeling lazy listen every hour on the hour on the radio or online.