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Video: Greenspan Climbs the Stairway to Heaven with Smash

August 22, 2013

Rapper Greenspan was one of the many musicians who contributed a previously unreleased track to City Paper’s Big Baltimore Playlist. And now that track, “Make Believe,” has a celebratory video directed by Akio Evans. Both the song and the video are vibrant and brimming with life, which is ironic since they heavily feature posthumous appearances from Smash, the beloved Baltimore rapper who passed away unexpectedly this past February.

The technology may not be Tupac hologram-level dazzling, but it’s still clever how Evans weaves archival footage of Smash into a clip full of Greenspan paying tribute to him, while partying in front of the City of Gods boutique with a marching band amidst cameos from Skarr Akbar and The Wire’s Felicia “Snoop” Pearson. Greenspan’s new album Stairway To Heaven is due out this fall, and on August 31 you can see the rapper put on typically energetic and inspired live performances at the Shake And Bake Family Fun Center’s Back 2 School concert, and also at PEDX’s Glory: A Night of Art and Fashion.

  • DoItYourself143

    Yes! Great read! We love Greenspan!!!!