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Listen: Teach Me Equals

August 13, 2013

Last weekend we TMEwent to the Windup Space to see a couple of our favorite bands, Impatience Machine and Jonathan Badger, both of whom use their highly-trained classical chops to produce something between classical, avant jazz, and rock and rock and roll (full disclosure: Impatience Machine’s Ruby Fulton and City Paper contributor Michael Shank, who is also in the band, both play music with this writer).

But I’d never heard of the second act, Teach Me Equals, who came down from Philadelphia for the show (they split their time between there and Florida). They really blew my fucking mind. Greg Bortnichak assaulted the cello with an erotic fury and Erin Murphy played equally well on guitar and violin, the latter of which she also sang into. They both had beautiful voices, and, after their utterly compelling set, said they were considering a move to Baltimore.

We say yes. Take a listen and you will too.