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Jay Wyse digs deep on second album

August 15, 2013

This week, the Baltimore MC Jay Wyse released Wyse Thoughts Wise Journey 2, the sequel to his 2012 debut project. True to his name, Jay Wyse is a young guy who’s trying to put across a thoughtful perspective, an image of being wise beyond his years, burdened by harsh realities like the death of his friend Biscuit, who’s remembered on the track “Letter To My Man 3″ (below) His accent is all the way Baltimore, and he’s still finding his voice as a lyricist, but his point of view feels genuine and vulnerable in an era when even “introspection” has become something of a clichéd commodity in hip-hop.

Wyse Thoughts Wise Journey 2 was preceded by two videos earlier this year, “Street Soul” and last month’s “3 A.M.” (below). The latter song does a good job of capturing the album’s appeal in a nutshell, with Wyse’s rapid, percussive delivery contrasting against a gently brooding track produced by J Gramm. Other songs such as “Girl Like You” demonstrate his range and ability to make something more upbeat, but it’s material like “3 A.M.” that points toward the spark that Jay Wyse really has going for him.