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TwoineyLo puts himself in Trayvon’s shoes on “The Usual Suspect”

July 10, 2013

With the George Zimmerman trial winding down this week, just about everybody is anxious to hear the verdict, and decide for themselves if justice has been served. That includes young Baltimore rapper TwoineyLo, who, like many hoodie-wearing black teenagers these days, finds it easy to put himself in Trayvon Martin’s shoes and wonder if it could have been him shot that night. On his new Jesse James-produced track, “The Usual Suspect,” T’Lo puts his view of the situation as bluntly as possible, stating “Your skin color makes you a suspect.” TwoineyLo isn’t the most clever or skilled rapper, pronouncing Zimmerman as “Zimmermon” to force a rhyme with “Trayvon” at one point, but his passion comes through loud and clear on this raw, sincere track.