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Mickey Free finally unveils “Unnies” video

July 22, 2013

Baltimore rapper/producer Mickey Freeland keeps busy with a lot of projects, both as a member of the prolific Height With Friends crew and producing bands like Wye Oak alongside his brother, Chris Freeland. But his own records, as Mickey Free (and previously as Bow ‘N Arrow), don’t come out very often, and the last one, 2010’s Last of the Tight Wiggers, is almost 3 years old now. But one of its standout tracks, “The Unnies,” just got a second life, as its long-in-the-making video, finally hit the internet last week:

“The Unnies,” directed by Phil Davis, is heavy on animation and green screen, which may explain some of the delay in its release; it’s a sign of how long ago much of it was shot that it’s dedicated to Free’s late friend Mike Miller, who made a cameo in the video before passing away in 2011. The song’s concept, about how a sense of humor, muscles, and finances are what it takes to attract a woman – funny, gunny and money – is illustrated with a series of amusing and often bizarre scenarios, with the track’s producer, Secret Weapon Dave, playing Free’s foil in many scenes. Last of the Tight Wiggers was full of clever, well written songs like these, and hopefully this belated video release will get it a little more of the attention it deserved.