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Matic 808 remixes Kanye’s Yeezus

July 11, 2013

avatars-000037788252-ataam7-t200x200Over the weekend, producer Matic 808 (formerly known as Lil Matic) released Yeezus: The Baltimore Club Edition, a raw, uncooked Bmore-leaning take on every track from Kanye West’s Yeezus. Yes, every track. It’s an ambitious, inspired, and quasi-viral undertaking. Matic knows when to give listeners exactly what they want and do club music as crowd-pleasing fun (he endlessly loops Kanye quotable “Hurry up with my damn croissant” from “I Am a God”), but more importantly, he’s aware of when rip these songs apart and start all over again. “New Slaves” is almost unrecognizable – save for somehow capturing the song’s ominous atmosphere – and “Guilt Trip” piles on new vocals, apocalyptic sirens, and sci-fi laser synths. The club version of “Bound 2” even goes mash-up, throwing in a few lines from Kanye’s “Love Lockdown.” The whole thing is just nuts.

A few years ago, City Paper‘s Bret McCabe expertly described the culture-jamming rewards of club music in a review of Aaron LaCrate & Debonair Samir’s B-More Club Crack: “One of the most liberating aspects of club music is how it unabashedly cannibalizes pop music, taking what it wants from it to repurpose in its kinetic productions. There’s a pragmatic element to that practice–you want to play to what the people on your dance floor recognize–but its also a joyously defiant creativity, taking the so-called dominant culture and making it fit your nightlife rather than the other way around.”

That’s precisely what Matic does here, affording Yeezus a little more dance-friendly energy, but he arguably goes further into the avant-electronic territory Kanye himself. Over at Matic808′s Soundcloud account, where you can go to download each track from Yeezus: Baltimore Club Edition (it is streaming below), his bio says, “Ate God.” Check out his unique remixes of Kanye “I Am a God” West’s Yeezus tracks and see if you agree with that bold statement.

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