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Martha Stewart wants your American-made stuff

July 5, 2013

welcome-mat-american-made-313_sqYou better not pout, you better not cry – and you certainly shouldn’t serve your summer soup without citrus garnish: Martha Stewart’s coming to town.

Well, not the style diva herself, but her proxies. Martha Stewart Living editors Hannah Millman and Maeve Nicholson are on a nationwide search for American Made stuff ¬and will stop at Artifact Coffee Monday (July 8, 6-8 p.m.) to scour for same.

Artifact has invited some of its favorite artisanal partners – Millstone Cellars, Kinderhook snacks, and Union Craft Brewing – to serve bites and drinks. The Martha Stewart website encourages anyone creating original products from food to footwear to furniture to nominate themselves for the honor. Think of it as a kind of Antiques Roadshow for the crafty – with the prize not an appraisal of Aunt Mildred’s pearl-handled pistol, but the chance to win $10,000 for your start-up.

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