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Bengie’s makes national list of “cool” drive-ins

July 8, 2013

BengBusiness Insider has done one of those lists that everyone is so fond of, and in this case, it’s “15 Cool Drive-In Theaters Where You Can Watch A Movie Retro-Style,” and our very own Bengie’s Drive-In, winner of multiple City Paper Best of Baltimore awards, most recently “Best Outdoor Movie Watching Experience,” made the list!

Here’s what the list-compilers at Business Insider had to say:

This “big and beautiful” drive-in has the biggest screen in the country and shows double features all summer.

They’ve been open for over 50 years, and since they’re just a short ride from downtown Baltimore, Bengie’s is the perfect summer activity for those looking to escape the city.

So, anyway, if it wasn’t enough that City Paper has been raving about the place for years, take it from the list-making expert insiders of business at Business Insider: Bengie’s rules!