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Vice magazine, Dan Deacon’s inferno, and the Oriole bird

June 10, 2013

Deathfest resurrection

Adams partyMy weekend started sundown on Wednesday with an unofficial MD Deathfest after party and birthday bash for Bmore promoter Adam Savage. Savage’s own band, Cemetery Piss, tore up the downstairs stage of the Ottobar along with Windhand, DJ Dad Weed, and Ophidian.  Friends of Savage appropriately dug their little fingers into slices of devils food cake from your participating Carvel ice cream dealer. Metal maven Mary Spiro, founder of the Metallomusikum blog was on hand to party, as was MD Deathfest co-founder Evan Harting, who was actually sitting down, smiling, and having a beer, which he probably hasn’t done since Deathfest. Well deserved beer sir. Well deserved. Also spotted at the hair party were make-up artist Miriam Ault and our favorite corpse courier and death dealer, Emily Wyatt. It doesn’t get more death metal than that.

Hot to trot

Ah Rooster. Remember him? My chicken-headed, hooka-smoking friend? Well, he, along with about 200 other partiers were roasted in the massive Dutch oven called the Coward Shoe building on Saturday night. I have experienced many hot places. South Asia. Central Europe in August. But man, the heat at Open Space benefit show was a whole new level of hot. I think I met an Italian guy and his friend Virgil. And they were complaining about the heat. The steaming masses crammed into the Howard Street space to check out Dan Deacon, Co La, Ed Schrader Music Beat, Microkingdom, and Chiffon playing in support of Open Space, which was gutted by fire last month displacing the members (including CP designer Jasmine Sarp). Towards the end of the night,  two floors of sweating, hungry for music kids jostled and stuffed themselves ten deep to get close enough to Dan Deacon to hear three new tracks. If you’ve ever seen the experiment where they put sand next to a speaker and the little grains jump up and down with the bass, you can imagine what a Dan Deacon show is like. All the kids go up and down as he commands. All I kept thinking was that Dan lives in Baltimore and not New York. He’s ours and we’re so much better for it.

Dans partyRooster kept wondering aloud if the floor was going to collapse as it rose and fell like a bridge in an earthquake. The whole show was recorded by a rude group from Vice magazine who were pulling the whole “We’re from Vice and you’re not” schtick. They ignored Dan’s requests to shut off the video light so he could let the kids play with the their Wham City Lights app. Fuck you, Vice. And way to go Dan for not losing it. You’re a better man than I am.

Sugar, Sugar

Rooster and the rest of our entourage–which included the hard-partying writer,  board member of the Pratt Contemporaries, and erstwhile CP contributor Lionel Foster–oozed out of the steamy darkness of the Coward Shoe building and decided to spend the rest of the night on a sugar high. I’m always surprised at how many people do not know about the monthly Deep Sugar party at Paradox. It’s hands-down the best all-nighter the city has to offer. This time around, Queen of the Nighttime World Ultra Nate’ was celebrating three new releases from her 410 Paradox Underground label. The sugar party was packed with the type of freaks I love to hang out with, like DJ Adam To the Max and his lovely wife, artist Amy Boone-McCreesh. There was a girl with a huge pimp cup, a guy who kept asking me about some girl named Molly, and….ready? The Oriole bird. I have to say, I thought my drink had been spiked as there, in the dark of the club was what looked like THE Oriole bird. He danced and posed then I blinked and he was gone. If I didn’t snap a photo, I would have woke up on Sunday not believing any of it.deepsugar

Anyway, lets talk about dat music. Man, it’s always great to hear Lazer Libby perform live. She laid down one of her upcoming 410 tracks, “I Loved You.”  The crowd all but rushed the DJ booth for this one, which officially drops on June 18.  Fellow label-mates Chris Burns and Vjuan Allure also spun tracks from their upcoming albums.

Outside, DJs Katie “Miz Behavin’”  Elder and Danny “Techlove” Elder kept the kids moving ’til the early hours of the morning. The best part of the outside dance area is the occasional trains that clank by the fence. All this was lorded over by a huge billboard that read “Have you wasted your education?”

Nightlife app of the week:

Dan Deacon: This nifty little app lets your phone sync up to Dan’s music without the use of wifi while at a concert. It’s a pretty awesome light show that really lets the audience bond with the musician.

A note about Open Space:

If you want to donate to the Open Space fund go here and get some good karma.

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  • Jamie Schott

    One of the bonuses of Paradox is smoking under a different cautionary billboard sign. Bird sighting bonus!