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The Holy Karon shoots an unholy video

June 7, 2013

Baltimore hip-hop is pretty varied, as scenes go, but the videos tend to depict the same neighborhoods in the same ways over and over. So it’s always refreshing to see something that stands out as much as The Holy Karon’s “Luci.”

In just 2 minutes and 17 seconds, the creepy Desean R-directed clip gives you a barrage of vaguely unsettling imagery as The Holy Karon (wearing a hat that says “FUKK”) stalks train tracks at the mouth of a tunnel with a few homies (one of whom is wearing a hoodie that says “666”).

Of course, the signifiers Karon is toying with here have been present in rap music since at least the “horrorcore” of the mid-‘90s, and have been in other forms of popular music for much longer. But again, in the context of Baltimore rap, it’s at least different to see an MC try to scare you with something other than gangsta rap clichés. Knowing the kind of questions he raises with a track like “Luci,” The Holy Karon caps off the song with one last defiant couplet: “Call me devil worshipper, I laugh at you fucks/ ‘cause why would we worship the devil when the devil worships us?”