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Lotus on Moonrise’s demise and this Sunday’s Soundstage show

June 7, 2013
Lotus at Rams Head Live in 2011.

Lotus at Rams Head Live in 2011.

For jazzy electronic-fusion band Lotus, the last minute cancellation of Moonrise Festival meant losing a potential headlining set at the ill-fated event. Shortly after the festival’s promoters confirmed its cancellation, Lotus announced a replacement billing at Baltimore Soundstage on Sunday. Tickets are sold out.

“We were set to close out Saturday night [at Moonrise], so it would have been a huge crowd,” Jesse Miller, the band’s bassist, said Wednesday via phone. “We’re bummed about that, but we are glad we were able to put together a show for that Sunday at Soundstage. The party continues.”

Miller also expressed disappointment in line with the let-down shared by many fans via social media in recent days.

“I have the same information that everyone else has—that they didn’t get the last permit, which is really too bad,” he said. Being able to perform on Sunday, in what has been a favorite city for Lotus, though, takes away some of the sting. “It’s done well for us,” Miller said of playing in Baltimore. “And we don’t treat Baltimore and D.C. as one market. We always try to go to both places.”

Of the diverse influences that Lotus incorporates into its style, electronic music has always been a strong factor. But don’t expect the rise in popularity of electronic dance music to foster a greater stake in the band’s mix. “It’s almost the opposite,” Miller said of the potential influence of popular electronica. “We’ve been influenced by electronic music before it was ever some kind of big mainstream thing. But the other side of [popular EDM] is that it’s electronic, but to me it’s much more similar to pop.”

According to Miller, based on the technique the band follows in assembling set lists (of which guitarist and keyboardist Luke Miller, Jesse’s twin brother, is the main architect), Baltimore can expect a much different show at Soundstage than the cancelled set at Moonrise would have presented.

“We’re kind of looking at the situation, if it’s a festival and we have limited time, or if it’s a [club] show and we can stretch out,” he said. Also considered in the song-selection process, Miller said, are which songs the band performed the last time in a given town, which songs were performed the night before, and both mixing older and newer material: “There are different pieces and elements that you’re looking at to make everything fit together.”

  • vibes

    Set to close out Saturday night? That can’t be right, they’ve been slated to play in Pittsburgh tomorrow for months.