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Double Dagger “reunites” at the Ottobar

June 24, 2013

Baltimore post-punk group Double Dagger “reunited” at the Ottobar last night, insofar as the three bands with former members of Double Dagger played on the same bill at the site of their final show as a band. There was an appearance from all three, playing the same stage, one final time, in the form of a screening of the documentary If We Shout Loud Enough, in which filmmaker Gabriel DeLoach chronicled the band’s farewell tour and lasting influence in Baltimore.

The three bands Nolen Strals, Denny Bowen, and Bruce Willen have gone on to form–Pure Junk, Roomrunner, and Peals, respectively–are all different, both  from Double Dagger and each other. While we will probably never get an actual “reunion,” even though every other band under the sun seems content to reform at the slightest urging from internet fans, seeing the three new groups take shape and continue to evolve should be — and is — rewarding in its own right.

Below are a few shots from the show from the show (From Top: Roomrunner, Pure Junk, and Peals):

Pure Junk


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