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Did the man who wore a bear head on stage with Sting reveal himself?

June 20, 2013

On Friday, we showed you video of the person who got up onstage wearing a giant bear head during the June 12 Sting show at Pier Six and started dancing:

Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube

Last night, we received a tweet from one Charlie Hernandez that read, “pretty important news here!!” Thank you, Charlie. We pride ourselves on our hard-hitting, award-winning coverage of such important issues.

Upon further inspection, we noticed Hernandez listed roadie as a professions in his Twitter bio and found this tweet with an Instagram picture from the soundboard of a Sting show. When pressed if he was indeed the man wearing the bear head in Baltimore, Hernandez sent this:BNNIovGCUAEl1Ay

Have we found our dancing bear?

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