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Buzzfeed loves Baltimore… or at least Honfest’s cartoon version

June 11, 2013

large_d62e6835-985e-4ec3-a6e5-c578a656db21Ah, Honfest. It’s either a fun play on a classic Baltimore character or a potentially offensive caricature of working class women. Some of us hate it, some of us love it, but it would be rare to find a Baltimorean outside of Denise Whitings’ doors who thinks it makes “Charm City One of the Best Places to Live in America,” as Buzzfeed  argued on the site today.

There are some nice photos–one, perhaps, is of an actual “hon” and Bowtie Bob Nelson of City Folk fame was pictured–but the whole thing is marred by the gee-whiz-look-how-exotic-these-funny-people-are attitude that one has come to expect from Buzzfeed and, honestly, Honfest.

Buzzfeed, if you love this Disney-fied version of Baltimore so much, why don’t you come back for Hampdenfest, where you might catch a glimpse of the real thing.


  • RealGMan

    Eh, but what’s ‘real’ Baltimore? I enjoy HampdenFest, but how more real is that than Honfest? Many of the same booths and artists, indie garage bands that have no attraction to anyone native of the neighborhood and overt hipster quirk, like Hampden Idol, which is just the Best Hon contest for a different sect. I’m a native of the area, and there’s an entire contingent who would be eager to push both festivals into the Jones Falls, if only to bring back the old May Fair Carnival. I own a beautiful collection of Hampdenfest posters, but lets not put that on any kind of ‘realness’ pedestal.

    The bottom line for me for Honfest, despite my ‘Old Hampden’ reservations, is that a ton of little girls, mothers, grandmothers and men in drag hang out comfortably together, drinking, laughing and generally have a good time for a quick weekend. That’s as real as anything else the city has to offer.

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