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Toots Hibbert talks bottle-throwing incident at The Hamilton

May 23, 2013

toots_photoThroughout an intimate acoustic performance with his band The Maytals Wednesday night at DC’s The Hamilton, 70-year-old reggae icon Toots Hibbert spoke of last week’s incident (see it at about the 2:25 mark in the video below) in Richmond, where a fan hurled a glass bottle at the singer’s head. Though still jovial and engaging Wednesday, it was obvious that Hibbert is still reeling from the assault. The singer received 5 staples in his head to treat a cut wound. Police arrested 19-year-old William C. Lewis for the incident, charging him with aggravated assault and public intoxication.

According to Hibbert, he encountered Lewis after the incident. “I didn’t hear much of what he said, but I thought I heard ‘because I love your music’,” he said jokingly of the apparent encounter and the teen’s motive.

Throughout the evening, in which Hibbert shared anecdotes with the audience about his catalog and career, the longtime frontman complained of continuing pain in his head, also stating repeatedly that the performance could be the last of his tour, as he needs to go home to Jamaica for additional medical attention to his “brain and head.” Toots and the Maytals’ current acoustic tour is slated for nine more stops on the East Coast.

“Tonight may be my last show because of my head,” Hibberts said, causing a minor uproar among the audience. “I mean of this tour,” he quickly added.

“I will always be touring,” he said with a smile.