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Speed On The Beat drops a new no-fi rap single

May 2, 2013

This week Maryland rapper/producer Speed On The Beat released “Kings (Edited Into The Echelon), the first official single from his second album, due out in August. The track features frequent collaborator True God, and displays the “no-fi” approach to hip-hop that Speed is known for, although he also calls the song one of his more “traditionally mainstream” beats. The fact that it isn’t, really, probably demonstrates how far outside the mainstream he is, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

“Kings (Edited Into The Echelon),” so titled because it features edited lyrics for artistic reasons rather than for the purposes of radio airplay, is submerged into in distortion and vocal effects. Recorded hip-hop was born full of the white noise of tape hiss and scratchy vinyl, but in the digital era producers who wish to capture that kind of ambience need to do so deliberately, sometimes to the point of contrivance. While Speed On The Beat may be following in the footsteps of other lo-fi auteurs like J Dilla or MF Doom, he’s not copying their methods or sounds, instead carving out his own idea of how to make hip-hop sound appealingly wrong. Songs For… (The Rebirth and Evolution of the Modern Male) will be out on August 17th.


  • music fan

    joint goes even tho its hard to hear sometimes. i like wat you’re doing speed

  • i copped s4

    will we see a songs for review? #songsfor817

  • SpeedontheBeat

    Al did on one of his other blogs. He said that, while it’s kind of a brutal listen at times–y’know because of the whole no-fi thing–it has some pretty awesome moments. So, I mean, shoot, even for him to give it a look at all, for me? That’s a good look. Anyways, glad you liked the album and hope you told people to go cop it–or at least stream it LOL
    Speed on the Beat, the No-Fi King