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Renowned Artist Luca Buvoli to head MICA’s Mt. Royal School

May 10, 2013

cityscapeMICA announced today that Italian artist Luca Buvoli will take over leadership of its multidisciplinary MFA program at the Mt. Royal School in August when Frances Barth, the program’s current director, retires. “The unique vision of this program offers an incredible opportunity to foster the students’ practice and development,” Buvoli said in a statement.

Buvoli is a renowned and wide-ranging artist, whose sometimes whimsical animations, videos, sculptures, and paintings often deal with superheroes, flight, myth, and futurism–except that Buvoli’s hero is “Not-a-Superhero.”

“He is an internationally-acclaimed multimedia artist whose highly inventive and playful artistic practice models in the most poetic and spacious of ways represent the very values for which the program has stood for so many years,” Ray Allen, MICA’s vice president for academic affairs and provost, said in a statement.

Buvoli is also an accomplished art educator who has been teaching in various universities for more than a decade. He is not entirely new to Baltimore, having exhibited at Maryland Art Place in the show in New Wallworks in 2011.

Image: Around, Around, and Away: Not-a-Superhero and the Myth of New York (Part I),

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