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Ratscape and Scapescape announce dates, venues

May 16, 2013

You may have missed it in our handy-dandy, super comprehensive list of concerts in this week’s Sizzlin’ Summer issue, but two of the best local music festivals bearing the “scape” suffix have dates and venues.

Ratscape, which leans more toward the punk and metal side of things, is scheduled for July 19-21 and will once again be staged at Hour Haus. Bands confirmed so far include: Arbouretum, Slow Jerks, Lazlo Lee & The Motherless Children, Advlts, Raindeer, Hot God , Baklavaa, Rukut, and Ravagers. Organizers confirmed there would eventually be 40 bands over the festival’s three days.

Scapescape, a festival more akin to Whartscape (R.I.P.), is set for Aug. 30-Sept. 1 and will have three venues again this year, the parking lot next to The Metro Gallery, The Windup Space, and… the plaza near Man/Woman statue, which will be used for light projections at night. No bands are confirmed just yet.

We’ll keep you updated on lineup confirmations as we receive them.

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