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Moonrise Festival cancelled

May 23, 2013

moonrise picMoonrise Festival, the electronic-heavy event slated as Starscape’s successor, has been cancelled, festival organizers announced Wednesday. According to the statement released by organizers and posted on the festival’s website, the final permit required for hosting the event “will not be approved.” The two day festival was to take place at Port Covington’s Sun Park. The festival’s announced lineup included Pretty Lights, STS9, Avicii, Borgore and Flux Pavilion.

With less than three weeks until the event’s June 8 and 9  dates, many fans reacted with outrage, taking to the festival’s Facebook page to express their anger and disappointment. Moonrise’s lineup—heavy on popular DJs and EDM acts—promised to draw fans from both near and far. Organizers had hoped to avoid problems they encountered with Starscape, an annual all-night event which was ultimately moved from Fort Armistead Park and re-billed as Moonrise after experiencing a rash of problems, including overcrowding and numerous drug overdoses.

Moonrise appeared on track to overcome Starscape’s reputation as a hazard-ridden free-for-all and included acts geared towards mainstream audiences, including a headlining set by Snoop Dogg and a lower-billed set by Wu-Tang Clan’s GZA in which he was slated to perform his seminal Liquid Swords album in its entirety.

According to the statement released by promoters, fans can refund ticket purchases from Ticketfly or affiliated outlets. The statement also mentions the possibility of “alternative events” in the area that would feature artists from the original Moonrise lineup.


  • Russ

    I would like to know the names of the loser city councilmen who vetoed the permit and lost the city of Baltimore thousands and thousands of dollars. Way to go.

  • Zaku

    Probably the same people who were disappointed in losing the city thousands and thousands of dollars cleaning up after starscape’s mess last year.

  • Goki


  • Mark Rams Head

    Too bad , the day glow hipsters have no where to leave their trash strewn mess…. thank you city council !!!

  • Marksdumb

    Hipsters – I don’t think that means what you think it means.

  • dissappointed in humans

    Ram it mark rams head….I was at that festival and I didnt leave my trash anywhere…didnt your ur mom ever teach you not to judge people

  • Guest

    day glow hipsters? what an idiot… Baltimore City Council Sucks.

  • Brendan

    Day Glow Hipsters? Geez people are stupid

  • Brendan

    Not this

  • concerned citizen

    wooks gon’ wook

  • C Gates

    Here is a spot on blog article about why everyone loses. Unbelievable this happened.

  • Hannah

    People need to understand that Electric Music isn’t about drugs. It about loving everyone and being all together to celebrate the artists and the music. Don’t call us Glow hipsters. We are just people that love our music and like being together to enjoy it.

  • Hannah

    HAHAHAHAHA You don’t even know

  • Dalison

    I have been in the scene for over 13 years. And from my experience the atmosphere is drug oriented by young kids or trashy party goers. And there is a percentage of people going for just the music. Over the past 3-4 years it has had a lot of stupid underage attendees and steez promo packs these events with those people. Just what I have observed from some of there events. Its funny I will never waste my money after Fall “crap” Massive.

  • bry68

    people suck