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Moonrise Festival acts move to Baltimore Soundstage

May 24, 2013
Infected Mushroom at Coachella 2012

Infected Mushroom at Coachella 2012

Following the cancellation of the EDM-laden Moonrise Festival only weeks before the festival was scheduled to take place, several of the festival’s DJs have managed to land gigs elsewhere around town.

Baltimore Soundstage today announced a June 8 show featuring Israeli trance group Infected Mushroom. On Thursday, Soundstage announced a June 9 show with the electronic instrumental band Lotus.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday, Moonrise Festival organizers said the final permit needed for the festival, which was set to be held at Port Covington on June 8 and 9, would “not be approved.” However, a story Thursday in The Sun reported that Jerry Gottlieb of Charm City Hospitality, a festival organizer, failed to apply for all the necessary permits in time, according to City Council Vice President Ed Reisinger.

The Moonrise Festival was seen as a new alternative to Starscape, a 14-year festival at Fort Armistead Park with a similar electronic bent that last year ran into problems with overcrowding and drug overdoses, resulting in seven arrests on drug charges.

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