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MDF 2013: Pig Destroyer and Pelican

May 25, 2013

By Alex Milstein


The first day sold out months before MDF even released all available tickets, and many were bummed that they had to miss great bands like Bolt Thrower and Pallbearer.

Friday, the second day of MDF, started off with a bang. The most noteworthy bands on this day were Pig Destroyer from Richmond, VA Northern Virginia, and Pelican from Chicago, IL.

The only proper way to describe Pig Destroyer’s set is as brutal. Seriously brutal. These guys shred to some extremely fast, angry, and heavy grindcore. The sheer loudness that pounded the chests of the audience was enough to make a person spew on the spot (Pig Destroyer’s Scott Hull pictured above).

This band is absolutely insane live. The energy they put forth and the precision of the music is intimidating to any fellow musicians. The drumming in particular was extremely on point, but the musicianship of all three four members should be noticed and admired. The drummer played at lightning fast speeds, the guitar solely roared and thundered, and the eerie vocals echoed out over the city. These guys are great musicians and really know how to put on an amazing live show.

BLE6Lo-CQAA3-qGThey even brought out a guest singer, Kat Katz (pictured, right), formerly of Salome and presently of Agoraphobic Nosebleed, to help out on a few songs. This was a very cool change, and her voice along with their fast and violent music was the perfect combination.

Pig Destroyer know how to change riffs and play some merciless breakdowns to switch up the feel of their sound. They really know how to keep people entertained.

Pelican were a really cool band for MDF to have put on the bill. Though they are still ungodly heavy, and clearly a metal band, they add diversity to the MDF line-up as a whole.  Over the length of their albums, they have done everything from extremely heavy post-metal, to soft, ambient post-rock. The mix of emotion and atmosphere in their music was amazing to see live.

As the feedback from droned from unmanned amps, Pelican slowly emerged from a cloud of fog to start their hour long masterpiece of a show. Their set was just about anything a Pelican fan could ask for. They played two new, unreleased songs that will be featured on their next album, which they will start tracking this Tuesday.They also played a nice mix of their older material as well. It all meshed very well, and it was obvious that they chose their heavier songs to play for this particular gig. And boy, was it heavy.

The best thing about Pelican’s live set was the energy and emotions of the music and musicians. The music delves emotionally deep into the minds of the listeners and provides a musical escape from reality. The music is so beautifully moving that it’s hard to believe it’s still considered metal sometimes. Pelican are an exceptional band and they have a bright future ahead of them.

(Photos: Josh Sisk. Follow Josh’s MDF coverage on Twitter @joshsisk)


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  • Killer

    Get your facts straight, they’re from the nova/DC area AND they’re a four piece… Must be hard to type something into Wikipedia