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Matthew Porterfield and Lotfy Nathan kick off MFF at Mount Royal Tavern after party

May 9, 2013

IMG_1732You know that Maryland Film Festival is really on when you spot Matthew Porterfield, the director of I Used to Be Darker,  the fest’s most anticipated fiction flick, talking with Lotfy Nathan, the director of 12 O’Clock Boys, the controversial documentary about Baltimore’s urban dirt-bike riders, at the Mount Royal Tavern. Both directors said they were especially nervous and excited about debuting their new films for a local audience.

Porterfield’s two previous films, Hamilton and Putty Hill, were recently acquired by New York’s Museum of Modern Art. This month, he contributed a top ten list to Artforum magazine, where he showed hometown pride, writing about Co La’s new album and the Ravens’ Super Bowl victory.


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