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Maryland Deathfest Day 3 recap: No studded items, plenty of top-notch performances

May 26, 2013

By Alex Milstein

King Buzzo of The Melvins. Photo by Josh Sisk.

King Buzzo of The Melvins. Photo by Josh Sisk.

Day three of MDF started off great weather, impending tinnitus, and unusually high security.

Many unhappy metal heads left their vests and belts behind as they entered the festival on the third day. The security guards stopped allowing spike belts and spike vests into the festival for security reasons. Everyone who entered was required to be patted down upon every re-entry. This is no small matter at a metal festival where practically half of all attendees have a studded something.

The Melvins were definitely the best band on this day. They have ungodly musicianship, particularly the precision of both drummers while playing difficult solos and fast parts at the exact same time.

Playing for a straight hour, The Melvins didn’ t waste a minute. They played a mix of crowd-pleasing songs mostly off of their major label releases, such as Stoner Witch and Houdini.

Weedeater of Wilmington, N.C. came to party. Their well-known front man and bassist Dixie Dave clearly displayed this by bringing multiple beers and two handles of liquor onto the stage with him. By the end of the set, he had finished almost all of it.

Their music is just as down-to-party as the musicians themselves. They play a very loud and heavy blend of blues ridden sludge and stoner metal. Being from Wilmington, they definitely have a southern touch to them — and I don’t just mean Dixie Dave’s strong southern accent.

The music itself was just pure volume, in a really good way. They shook the street and loved every minute of it. They were so excited to be there. Weedeater are such a fun band to watch and the audience was really glad to have to see them.

The supergroup Down performs. Photo by Josh Sisk.

The supergroup Down performs. Photo by Josh Sisk.

To end the fun of day three, Down played last. To be honest I’m not sure who had more fun, the audience or the band.

Down are a super group who play some good ol’ southern sludge. The band consists of legends such as Phil Anselmo of Pantera, Jimmy Bower of Eyehategod,  Pepper Keenan of Corrosion of Conformity, and  Kirk Windstein of Crowbar.

Plenty of people loved Down and were glad to see them for many reasons. They put on a good show and really projected their energy to the audience. But there were a fair share of comedians in the crowd making fun of the tough-guy attitude of the band. To be fair,  Anselmo talked just a little too much.

But the great thing about this band was that all the members were having so much fun. They were so excited to play, as I’m sure they usually are, and they really appreciated the crowd. During one of Anselmo’s short speeches, he mentioned deceased Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell, saying that he would be proud of the metal scene today.

No doubt about that.

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