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“I Used to Be Darker” stars take stage at after party

May 12, 2013

IMG_1734After the jam-packed, sold-out local premiere of I Used to Be Darker, Matt Porterfield also sold out an after-party show at Metro Gallery.

The film centers on the divorce of a musical couple played by Ned Oldham and Kim Taylor (in a sort of reverse Kim Gordson/ Thurston Moore split). Porterfield and co-writer Amy Belk penned the characters with the actors–both  musicians in real life– in mind, so it was fitting that Porterfield took advantage of the premiere to give them a chance to perform. As Oldham and Taylor shared the stage to sing “Love Hurts,” in a tone reminiscent of Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris, it gave the audience a chance to see them interact musically–in a way the almost telegraphically constructed film didn’t (Taylor’s character, in fact, seems disgusted with Oldham’s because he doesn’t write songs anymore).

For Oldham, the premiere was something of a homecoming. He used to live in Baltimore where he regularly performed with his former band  Anomoanon  in the early aughts. Anomoanon came together at the after-party for the first time since 2008.

In the film, there is also clip of a hirsute Oldham and Old Calf  that is supposed to be from the ’90s, but was actually recorded in 2007, which you can watch here. The film seems to be as in love with music as it is with Baltimore and the performances after the premiere were a perfect way for Porterfield to share that love.

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