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E.M.P. Collective celebrates Arrested Development with BluthCon 2013

May 20, 2013

BluthCon_Print_WebFBBreak out your cutoff jean shorts and prepare yourself for unlimited juice, BluthCon 2013 is coming May 25!

We almost blue ourselves when we got word that E.M.P. Collective would be hosting a celebration of what may be the greatest show ever to be cancelled (and luckily revived), Arrested Development. Nolan Cartwright has created a banana stand for the occasion (10 cents gets you nuts!) and there will be a marathon of the show playing in the “back room.”

We’re not sure if your degree in 18th-century agrarian business or the rest of your scholarly pursuits will help you win the trivia contest, but the chicken dance-off, costume contest, and some Hot Cops are sure to make this an event not to miss. After all, “this ain’t no tight-ass country club, ya freak bitch!”

So come as your favorite character and prepare yourself for the May 26th unleashing of the Netflix revival, featuring 15-episodes of undoubtedly self-referential humor and incest jokes. We hear it’s been designed to be watched repeatedly, which is good news considering a feature film might be more than a year away.

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