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City grants Station North “potion of premise” at chicken box

May 16, 2013

946791_968061040758_195453875_nThe Station North Arts and Entertainment District, Inc. was granted a “Certificate of Occupancy” by the City of Baltimore for the 1 W. North Avenue location, informally called the “Station North Chicken Box,”  that will house their offices and the Annex Theatre Company.

The certificate says that the organization is permitted to “use potion [sic] of premise ground floor will be used as an office for Station North Entertainment, Inc, a ninprofit [sic] organization with a 2 person staff and a visual arts gallery.”

Despite the humorous typos, we’re delighted that Station North and Annex will finally be able to move into the building at the corner of North Avenue and Charles St. Ben Stone, the director of Station North, said in January, as we walked through the then-under-construction space, that he hoped it could become a “welcome center” for the district.


  • Evan

    ths is grat nus!

  • Mark Miller

    If micksed drinx ever get served, one of them must be called the “potion of premise”

  • Barnadine_the_Pirate

    I think yuo must faiil a typing trst to be hirwd by the City. Because it seems like every city permit has these sorts of errors.

  • Jamie Schott

    Certificate granted by the city that reads