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Wildhoney releases new track in advance of Baltimore Popfest performance

April 3, 2013

The inaugural Baltimore Popfest at the Charm City Art Space, which I wrote about in this week’s City Paper, features many performers from far flung locations, but only a couple local combos. One of them, Wildhoney, has only been playing shows for a year, but has quickly made an impression around town with loud live shows and a beautifully fuzzed-out self-recorded demo tape. When I spoke to Wildhoney guitarist Joe Trainor last week, however, he was happy to inform me that just that day the band had released its first real studio recording, ”Like Me,” for streaming and download.

“Like Me,” one of three songs that will be released on a 7” EP this summer, is a little slicker and cleaner, while still retaining the band’s ragged shoegaze energy. “It was a little heavier than I wanted it to be,” Trainor says of the demo, noting that the new EP will better reflect his ideal vision of the band’s sound. There’s also the length: where the songs on the demo were tight three-minute rockers, “Like Me” is an even tighter one minute and 57 seconds. With Popfest on the horizon, it’s a perfect opportunity to showcase Wildhoney’s pop instincts.