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Secret Mountains will stay together despite singer’s departure

April 18, 2013

Almost immediately after Secret Mountains released Rainer, the band’s first full-length album, singer Kelly Laughlin told The Sun that she was leaving the band, which she and songwriter/guitarist Jeffrey Silverstein founded as a folky duo in 2008. The band quickly evolved into a six-piece psych-rock band fueled by Laughlin’s powerful voice. But with Silverstein and drummer Christopher Muccioli moving to New York to pursue careers  (a community manager for MTV and a designer for Kickstarter, respectively) and Laughlin graduating from MICA this semester, the strain apparently became too much.

“Both Kelly and Jake have decided to part ways with the band for personal reasons and to pursue other projects. We wish them all the best with their new endeavors and its [sic] certainly sad to see them go. BUT, the remaining four of us (Cory, Jeffrey, Chris, and Alex) will continue on as Secret Mountains. We’ve got some new material that we’re really excited about sharing and will have more updates in the future. Things are looking up.”

It is hard to imagine Secret Mountains without Laughlin’s vocals. She and Jake Winstanley, who also left the band, play together in the band Heavy Friends, from whom we will look forward to hearing more.