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Schwarz’s new song and video will make your day better

April 3, 2013

On Monday, local producer Schwarz debuted the music video for his latest club track “U R Beautiful,” wherein he earnestly tells listeners “I want y’all to stop for a minute/ and just think about how fucking beautiful you are” and that “anybody telling you anything different right now is full of fucking shit/ Y’all look sexy as fuck right now. Let’s fucking get it.”

Furthermore, you should “know yourself/ know your body/ love yourself/ love your body.”

The video itself features Schwarz standing on a swing in tighty whities, Schwarz singing the self-affirming lyrics of the song into an array of mirrors, and a whole host of people dancing to the song’s catchy beat in their own individual way.

I watched the video while I was sick and in bed and still felt sexy as hell. See for yourself.

A download of the song, out via Thunder Zone, can be purchased here.

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