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The Make-Up to headline Apr. 5 Save Your Soul

March 29, 2013

Credit: Pat Graham

Save Your Soul is already one of Baltimore’s best dance parties, but getting the legendary, Ian Svenonius-fronted soul-funk-gospel group The Make-Up to perform live takes things up a notch.

On Apr. 5, the popular soul night will move from its usual location in the basement of Lithuanian Hall to the grand ballroom upstairs, which can hold more than 300 people. Svenonius, Michelle Mae, James Canty, and Mark Cisneros will perform two sets in the middle of DJ sets by regular hosts Rob Fearless and King Gilbert. The Save Your Soul staples of imported beer and honey shots will be sold at two bar locations in the ballroom.

There are no advance ticket sales, so be sure to get there close to the 9 p.m. start time, because this is bound to sell out quick.

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