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New Beach House video most Lynchian film since Lynch went total TM

March 7, 2013

A couple weeks ago, The New York Times Magazine wondered if David Lynch had given up film-making for Transcendental Meditation. He made his own music video recently, but local indie due Beach House–along with director Eric Wareheim–out-Lynch Lynch with their new video for “Wishes,” in which Ray Wise, who plays Leland Palmer (Laura Palmer’s father) in Lynch’s series Twin Peaks, lip-syncs Victoria LeGrand’s vocals in the middle of a brightly lit nocturnal football field wearing gold pants and a silver jacket. And it gets crazier from there–bringing out the cinematic creepiness inherent in the song.

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  • Anonymous

    How big of a dork am I? I know that the Twin Peaks High School mascot was a steeplejack.
    Go Steeplejacks! Go Bobby Briggs!