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Friend Collector Show Back On

March 25, 2013

With local underground venue The Bell Foundry canceling some upcoming shows (an unfortunate if familiar situation), bands booked to play the space have been scrambling for other options. Among them are Friend Collector and Curse, who were to kick off a brief East coast tour tonight at The Bell Foundry. After being told the show was cancelled, we’ve now learned it is back on. The bill is Friend Collector, Nicky Smith, Boardroom Heroes, Kill Lincoln, Let It Go, and Evokatones.

Friend Collector roses from the ashes of The New Flesh, who were for nearly a decade one of Baltimore’s finest proponents of loud, ugly punk rock. Founding New Flesh bassist Jason Donnells and guitarist Greg Dembeck, who joined the band in 2007 and was instrumental in the productive second half of their run, reteamed a couple years ago to form Friend Collector, and last year released a debut album. The new record, Friend Collector II, is a 6-song blast of aggression highlighted by a propulsive performance from drummer Scott Russell, who kicks all kinds of ass on “Spiritual Vacancy.” Friend Collector have said they don’t plan on playing out much this year, so get your ass down to Club K tonight. Or, if you’re in New York or Connecticut or Rhode Island or Massachusetts, catch them later this week.

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  • Greg

    Part of Friend Collector lives out of state as well, so local shows are “tour” shows for the most part.