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Brian Ennals has a blue Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2013

Severn, Maryland-based rapper Brian Ennals has been slow to trickle out music from his upcoming Candy Cigarettes project since the great “Newport Music” single dropped last year, although the track finally got a video recently. So this week, Ennals unleashed the second single ‘When You Wake Up,” a spleen-venting breakup song, just in time for Valentine’s Day. On it, Ennals skates the fine line between genuine emotional hurt and self-deprecating humor, chiding an ex, “Yeah I’m a selfish asshole, but you were supposed to look past that.” The soulful beat by producer M-Lito inspires Ennals to pay tribute to Cam’ron’s memorable shoutout to Just Blaze, as he proclaims “I’ma take a couple bars off and let Lito live” before letting the beat breathe.